Surfer Responsibilities 

You CAN make a difference…. 💕

We all love the ocean whether we surf, windsurf, kite, SUP or do any other water sports.
It would seem that all of us surfers would be aware of how our wetsuits and our boards are made. Unfortunately this is not the case. It sure isn’t sustainable nor good for our planet 😦

It is true that there are still very few options for wetsuits and surfboards that are made organically but we have the power to change that!

The way we do that is by supporting the companies that are trying to do things sustainably.

The good news is there are many great emerging companies that are ran in an ethical fashion.

I came across a wonderful store in Madrid that is doing just that.

(we had a little fun with their stamp) 💕

Providing us with ecological options for the water, from Patagonia wetsuits to recycled leashes, fins and sunglasses.

I’m not going to lie…. I left with a new birthday suit…. I’ve always wanted a Patagonia wetsuit… you see some dreams do come 🙂

It has a great warranty and is made of yulex (natural rubber) but best of all this is Patagonia’s mission statement:

“Make the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”💕

How can we not stand behind that!

Surf Natur also carries several brands of ecological surfboards. The company that caught my eye is Notox, delivering sustainable boards since 2006, handmade with greenOne technology.  We are excited to try it and will keep you posted as to how it fairs in the water 💦
A few other items that we really liked were the wooden watches and sunglasses made by Wewood.

This company has already planted 400,000 trees and plans on planting 600,000 more in the next 3 years. We love this.

And last but not least we love Surf Natur’s own 100% recycled cotton t-shirt line and their very original poncho that converts into a towel.

So what we propose next time you buy a new leash, some booties, a wetsuit, or anything you are investing in,  to go play in the water….. just see if maybe there is a more sustainable option out there and that way maybe you too can help make a difference.
I’ve got to run….. there are waves out there….. hope to see you in the water.

Thank YOU 💕

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Conscious Traveler- Destination Tarifa


The greatest thing about Tarifa is its wildnerness, it is surrounded by rolling hills and stretches of beaches beyond the eye can see. It is the idealic paradise for any wind related activity. Nature in raw form leaving you time and time again with your jaw slightly dropped as you stare out into the Mediterranean or Atlantic (depending what beach your on).

As I have lived in LA for the last two decades (very spoiled) I seem to be on the constant search for organic and sustainable products while traveling. I believe it is absolutely imperative that we all stand together with where we spend our money.

In lieu of this I have found my favorite places to shop and be fashionable in the most amazing places in the world. This story starts in tarifa….

I came across a fabulous ultra chic and sexy sustainable line. I got to wear one of her fabulous outfits for the Cannes film festival this year.

Her line is produced sustainably in Bali.

She also has an organic bamboo yoga line that I absolutely love too.

Maria lives and breathes what she and her company stand for. On instagram @mariamaloline


Another brand that I had the pleasure of coming across is @emebeme

They produce everything in Portugal and are also organic and consciously aware of every step of their production process.

My boyfriend and I had the opportunity to do a foto shoot with Marina, the founder and CEO of Emebeme.  Here are some of our favorites

…. you can also find us on Instagram @ecocouple

This is the store front…. I’m wearing the super cute t-shirt jumpsuit 🙂

If you drop into either of these stores while in Tarifa please say hello from me.

Happy sustainable shopping xoxo

Health Tip: Infrared Sauna lose weight doing nothing

The ultimate detoxifier- did you know that you can burn up to 700 calories just by sitting and reading a book in an infra red sauna :-)?

My family owns a health retreat in Germany- “Sanatorium Winterstein”- I’ve been doing the infra red since I was about 10- I am so glad this information is becoming common knowledge- for an explicit explanation:

Picture 38

Health Tip: Beating Jet lag

I am back in LA, where replenishing my body after a flight is the thing I am most excited about. My trick for beating jet lag has been pretty successful for me so I thought I’d pass it along.
I try to stay hydrated, so drinking coconut water before and after flying is always amazing. But the key is I always take CELL FOOD drops on board with me or as of late my new favorite product ChlorOxygen. I basically feed by deoxygenated body oxygen as I travel across the skies. Here are two links to the products…..

Taking both you are good to go 🙂

Safe Travels xoxoxo

Health Tip: Coconuts electrolite content the same as human plasma

Did you know that during  war Coconuts were used as IV replacement? Coconuts have extreme health benefits- they are full with dietary fibers, enzymes, vitamin C, minerals and amino acids.

They are even more hydrating than water- taste delicious and can replace any energy drink on the market- I love the stuff and try and drink it as often as I can 🙂

About to come on the market is now the coconut ice lolly!!!!

My friend started this company and I can’t wait for you to try them!

Have a beautiful day.

Health Tip: Himalayan Crystal Salt Benefits

To put it very simply there are two ways to get this amazing gift of nature into your life! It is the salt that carries all the minerals our body needs. Pretty Amazing!

You can replace cooking salt with it and you can make a brine with it by dissolving a larger salt rock into a small glass of water-the benefits are insane!

But as there are plenty of experts out there who have written books about it- here’s a link if you are interested.

Picture 34

How I came to running my own pirate ship


I had decided in 2009 that I had enough of LA and wanted to go on a trip around the world- so I packed up my bags and put everything in storage. I left the day of my 32 birthday- my sister was coming to meet me in Indonesia. Upon arrival I wanted to take a dive trip- we discussed back and forth about it- as it was not cheap and would put us on the ocean for a week of our trip. We decided last minute that we would look at the ship we would be on and decide from there.


“ If there is something red in the room we are staying” I said to my sister as I was sitting atop a small transport boat heading from Gili Trawangan, Indonesia to Lombok. I had no idea why I had said it.  She looked at me dubiously, but nodded her head in agreement. We were brought into our cabin, and there it was “The red fan” gazing at us. A big plastic red fan pointing directly in our faces, in all but 4 square inches of a room. I poked my head into the other rooms, thinking they would all have a big red fans in them. Happened to not be the case. So I laughed whole-heartedly and shrugged my shoulders and dropped my 16-kilo rucksack on the hardwood floor. It was so expensive, this trip…. I was paying for us both but it just seemed so perfect at the time. Next thing you know we are sailing out to the Komodo islands, on a dive adventure live aboard. Not your ordinary live-aboard but a beautiful majestic pirate ship.  Jess, my sister, was definitely nervous as the last time she dove was when she was 13- she ended up LOVING it!


Wow the ocean took me in its arms and did not let me go. Freedom roared through my hair along with the cool oceans breeze. I wrote poetry, dove everyday, sat atop a mast for hours on end dissolving into the horizon.  I had fallen in love. In love with Jaya, a boat that courted me into it’s wild romance. Swooped me up off my feet, making me feel like I could touch the stars. I just kept yelling out to the universe “How do I do this!!!!” holding on to the side ropes leaning off of the side of the ship, allowing the wind to caress me with its wisdom. Within all the mesmerising experiences it was the beauty of synchronicity that danced it’s way through our story.

We were having some technical generator issues, which was slowing us down tremendously as we were unable to fill our tanks in order to dive again. So slowly the days started blending into one another at what was meant to be a 7 day adventure turned into a way of life, of ocean, sailing, living, loving, writing, singing, every moment was worth its weight in gold. “How do I do this???” taunting me as a mantra. I really had no idea how constrained I had been feeling. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was home. The dolphins joined us in the morning and the sunset never failed to shower us with ember kisses.


A little under water poker was quite exhilarating after finding a deck of cards in the ocean!

The thought of being disconnected from the world, out in nothingness but feeling completely at ease. It was in the mere thought of having this…. Living it…. Continuing it… How was this going to end, and would I have ever been the same?  It was fate that intervened and decided that this was a healing energy I needed…. when we broke down at sea- the other paying clients- some from Germany, France, and England- started because very stressed in the situation- I decided to take it upon myself to keep every one calm and focus on the positive.

When we arrived safely back to land the owner of the boat thanked me for my efforts and asked me how much I loved being out at sea- I told him it had been one of the best experiences of my life. He thanked me again and said if we wanted to head for Thailand he had a ship docked there that we could use at our own convenience. My sister and I just stared at each other in complete awe- not sure whether to believe him or not. We decided to fly to Thailand and in case the offer was non existent- we would continue our travels there. It turned out that we were received by a captain and a cook who took us to our new home “the pirate ship”- “where do you want to go?” They asked – we just pointed out to sea- having no idea where we actually were. Our first docking point was Railey Island- a rock climbers heaven- that night we went to the local bars and met some tourists and told our story as to how we ended up living on the most beautiful ship in the bay- they were so exstatic about our story and asked if they could join us on the boat- next thing you know we were hosting over night trips for tourists from all around the world. They all exclaimed this was the best thing that could happen to them- I may still be living on that boat- but I ended up having an accident that tore my hamstring in half. I returned to europe in a wheelchair and while being at my mothers waiting to heal the call came in for a casting in a Liam Neeson movie that shot in Berlin- I got the job and somehow landed back on set shooting the film “Unknown”!